Blue & Green – What’s that old saying?

by John Berenson on April 19, 2011 · 1 comment

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Blue & Green – What’s that old saying?

Spring is in the air and what a perfect time to think blue and green. Like the annual blossoming of the season, so is the resurgence of timeless blue’s & greens.

That old saying, “Blue and green must not be seen without a color in between” does not necessarily hold water in my book.

You will see countless scenarios where these colors are used exclusively with neutrals (grays/taupes/off whites) as well as “with colors in-between” as the saying goes.

For some, green is a color that is shunned with a fervent dislike. I think, if people could only see that right shade can compliment so many colors, especially blues.

They are both a part of nature and after all, green is made up partially from blue.

Think about the yellow-greens of the first blooms in Spring on our trees against a crisp clear blue sky, it really is uplifting and promising.

On my walks around the city, as well as shopping at the Boston Design Center (BDC), I have seen signs of these colors popping up in showrooms over the past couple of months such as Kravet, Furn & Company, Diana Levine Fine Art, F. Schumacher.

So, why not perk up your space this Spring with an infusion of Blue & Green….or any color in between?

Reprint from Traditional Home Designer Susan Kasler
Green Tolle chandelier I love and used by John Roselli

Blue & Green Dining Room reprint from Blog by Holly’s “Things That Inspire”

Pale Blue & green Bedroom perfect inspiration for Nantucket Project by Designer James Michael Howard

Paisley Velvet by Henry Calvin/Dotted Silk Velvet by Bergamo @ Donghia

Our Den fabrics mixed with Nuetrals

Fun abstract “Feeling Colorful” by Artist Kevin Haynes 2010

Blue & Green frosted chocolate Cupcakes with coconut topping

Glant Fabrics new early Spring ad @ Webster & Company

Blue & Green accessories display at Furn & Company

Accessories from Furn & Company

Accessories from Furn & Company

Pewter & Aqua Blue crystal Ball Chandelier @ Farrey’s in Miami

Early Spring at the BPG

New Blue & Green display @ Kravet Showroom Window
Painting by Kevin Haynes “BPG Springtime”

The Power Of Pink

by John Berenson on February 11, 2010 · 2 comments

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shirley maclaine pink divaPink. Every time I say or see the word, and the vast range of it’s color, my senses are awakened. Just think of all the different ways pink plays a role in our daily lives. There’s hardly a place you can go where you won’t see it used or incorporated in the world we live in. There is a wonderful old movie called “What A Way To Go” which starred Shirley MacLaine, and if you have not seen this, treat yourself to it. Aside from lavish set and costume design by Edith Head, you will see a segment in the movie where pink is taken to the extreme!

pink cadillacs

The “presence of pink” can be found in food, fashion, home accessories, design, and yes, even automobiles! I think back to my childhood in the late 60’s and early 70’s when GM featured a new color on the Cadillac called “Wisteria”, which was a very pale icy-metallic-pink mixed with a bit of lavender. What a gorgeous color and what a statement it made! It was distinctive, fashion forward for it’s time, yet still evoking a slight air of “in your face”, and subtle sophistication. This was nothing new for Cadillac, it was just another derivation of the fashion forward colors they’d offered off and on over the years since the 50’s. During the same period they offered other unusual colors like “Salmon Pink”. Remember Aretha Franklin’s big hit “Pink Cadillac”, which featured one of the big finned beauties in that color?

pink cars paris hilton

Pink always has and I think always will be “The” statement color in fashion. It’s a stimulating color that awakens emotions from deep within our hearts. Whether you wear Pink proudly in it’s most intense value, such as “Hot Pink”, or it’s most subtle shade of “Angel Skin”, it is a pink collage boston designcolor that flatters. Lighting consultants advise using pink lamps or colored gels to enhance a room and to even out our complexions.

Some of the most memorable interiors I’ve seen can be attributed to those with something… or everything pink! Imagine adding a bold pink accessory, or perhaps painting a bedroom wall a pale shade of “Wisteria”? This Last week I walked into “Studio 534” at the Boston Design Center and saw that Josh & Leigh had josh leigh boston design centerdone just that! It gave the existing furnishings an entirely new look. One of my favorite color combination’s for a space is soft pink with chocolate brown… it’s delicious!!

When it comes to food…. well, let’s think of pink edibles like cotton candy, which is usually pink, right? Or, how about peppermint stick ice cream. For the diet conscious… pink grapefruit sorbet! Nothing is more yummy looking and tasting than a chocolate cupcake with pink peppermint icing. Did you ever wonder why (this one is for all the junk food lovers) Hostess made a “Snowball” sprinkled in pink coconut with chocolate cake inside?

So, with Valentine’s day just around the corner, why not start the month of February off by thinking pink?

color bedroom Pink bedroom

Amethyst For Inspiration

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powder room chandelier

Following up on my previous post Anything Amethyst!, I designed a powder room several years ago… 10 to be exact, and used Amethyst in it’s genuine form as accent colors on door, cabinet, & faucet hardware. I also used it as an accent color in hand painted Chinoiserie silver-leafed tea paper from Charles Gracie in […]

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I’m very proud to share this article written about John for his table design at Shreve, Crump & Low benefiting the Boston Living Center. John’s table is featured here as the “Favorite”, complete with many pictures, an interview, and descriptions of many of the products used. Congratulations John! An Excerpt from the article below: […]

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Anything Amethyst!

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Orange Part Two

August 24, 2009 Color
Thumbnail image for Orange Part Two

I often stop into the Kravet/FDO showroom in the Boston Design Center to see what is new. The vignettes are inspiring and a good catalyst for color inspiration. Also, a great place to shop for not only fabrics and furniture, but accessories. I saw a great set of glass vases in hot pink & orange […]

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“Let’s Talk Color” Orange-Hot, Juicy, & Delicious!

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orange john bereson blog

Over a year ago, if anyone had said to me you will be writing about orange as a color to use in decorating, I would have looked at them as if they needed their head examined. Well, I should always remember what a wonderful professor at FIT in New York told me while in design […]

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