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Anything Amethyst!

by John Berenson on September 11, 2009 · 2 comments

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Well, we all know that Fall is just a breath away, and the leaves will be transitioning from their lush greens to amazing shades of
yellow-ochres to fiery shades of red-orange.

amethyst fall trend So, what does that mean for fall colors in fashion and interiors??? Anything but the expected!   In my travels around town and the design showrooms, I have noticed shades of purple & amethyst popping up more and more.

My first sightings were back in July when I would take my routine walk up and down Newbury Street.  I love to stop into  Ralph Lauren (he has such a great textile & color sense) and noticed on the 2nd floor a array of purples integrated into classic plaids combined with black and gray flannels, in shirts, ties, and luxurious cashmere’s.  I just took it all in, and was really loving it.  Later on, I walked by Valentino, and saw in their window another assemblage of outfits in the same coloration’s.  So, I said to myself, OK, it’s back again, and just as elegant and luxurious as ever.

Elie Tahari, another name in fashion with their own boutiques, is now showing a line for men at Bloomie’s and what are they showing??? Yes, more violet small purple style fashion trendsscaled plaids with grey, black, and white coordinates.  So, yes, violet, amethyst, lavender, wisteria, or any relative of the color purple is back this fall.  Embrace it and wear a bit proudly, it has it’s own mark of distinction!

A recent issue of House Beautiful did a spread on “The Power of Amethyst” written by Jennifer Boles. It mentions how the color is so captivating and intriguing to designers. It is said to be a color that will soothe the mind and create a sense of peace. It is also a color, when used in it’s deepest strength, can create a wonderful ground for so many other colors.  Think of the possibilities… from deep aubergines and plums, to soft lavenders and wisteria.

I was walking by one of the many  wonderful showrooms at the Boston Design Center a week or so back and saw that Furn & Company had a new display in their window featuring an article on Amethyst with an assemblage of fabric swatches in many shades of violet casually strewn on a round glass table.  I stopped in and took a photo (see at top of page) and said to myself, “I have to write about all this color I am seeing”.  Furn & Company is another great showroom at the BDC to stop in to get inspired by new fabrics, furniture, accessories and color.  Eduardo is always “changing it up” in a relaxed and classic way, with a bit of edginess… great inspiration for designers.

I have always loved any shade of purple since childhood… purple with green was always a favorite color combo.  And most of all, I have been fascinated by the actual amethyst stones and geodes themselves.   Perhaps it’s because I was born in February and it’s my birthstone, or, that I share a birthday with Liz Taylor? I don’t know, except that she loves violet too.  But one thing I do know, and that is when you use it appropriately, it is a color that endures!  The key is, not to use too much, but if you do, make sure you do it richly and wisely.

Amethyst encrusted petite chandelierI designed a powder room several years ago… 10 to be exact, and used Amethyst in it’s genuine form as accent colors on door, cabinet, & faucet hardware.  I also used it as an accent color in hand painted Chinoiserie silver-leafed tea paper from Charles Gracie in New York.  The inspiration all started from an antique French rock crystal and Amethyst encrusted petite chandelier I found in Paris. We designed the room around this and had the walls Jappaned a deep bottle green glaze.  The effect was quite stunning and yet, peaceful at the same time.  To this day people still come out of that powder room amazed. (see photos)

So, look around and try a little something purple this fall, be it a scarf, a pillow, paint, or even some yummy black raspberry ice cream!

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Jessica September 16, 2009 at 4:15 pm

I absolutely adore all the purple that has been shown in fashion & in decorating as of late. I will proudly be wearing my few purple pieces this fall! I love your site John! You are AMAZING!


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